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Galart Supplies is a brand that came into existence in August 2020 and started online store in March 2021. We surpass customer and consumer expectations by maintaining a passionate commitment to excellence and fostering a spirit of innovation. Our aim is to provide best quality of product and fulfill life through arts and crafts as they lead us out of consumerism. The practice of arts and crafts is a spiritual practice through which we honor the material world, and while we do that we develop a sense of beauty and generosity in our lives. Arts and crafts are identical twins. Charcoal Pencils are often used by artists for their versatile properties, such as the rough texture that leaves marks less permanent than other Visual arts media.

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Galart Supplies Charcoal Drawing Set with Organizer Tray – 12 Pieces Soft, Medium, Hard and White Charcoal Pencils for Drawing, Shading and Sketching for Artists and Beginners

Strong lead: Charcoal pencils for drawing need to have a strong lead that does not break easily. Our white and black charcoal pencils made of pure, flexible and compressed charcoal for artists; offer you a tip that remains sharp and pointed for longer hours. This set of charcoal pencils ensures ease in usage and brings your art to life. 

Easy to sharp: High quality soften basswood provides easy sharpening of these art pencils. Simply use sharp knife, paper cutter or a scratchpad for better results and to make the tip pointed according to your need. You may use a high quality sharpener for this charcoal pencil set. Hold the pencil very softly in one hand and move it across the blade.

Fine detailing: These pencils have a high grade lacquer finish on high quality soften basswood for clean usage without getting your hands dirty. Charcoal for drawing pencils are waterproof, lightweight and sleek design fits well in your hand and is ideal for comfortable extensive handling.

Fine detailing: The various types of pencils in this charcoal set serve multiple purposes for a fine and crisp detailing. The charcoal white pencil is used for tortillon blending and adding highlights while the dark ones are used for adding deep black color of 3 grades to your charcoal drawing. They do not mark your hands and spread the charcoal on the surface evenly.

Complete charcoal set: This pre sharpened professional charcoal pencils for artists comes with 5 soft, 4 medium charcoal pencils, 2 hard pencils and 1 soft white charcoal.

Product Description: Wake your inner artist soul and impress your friends and family by drawing down to perfection with this ideal charcoal art supplies. This 12 piece charcoal pencil set features 5 soft, 4 medium charcoal pencils, 2 hard pencils and 1 charcoal pencil white for a perfect art supply collection. The lightweight, ergonomic design ensures smooth blending, long-term usage, and quality finish.

This charcoal pencils for drawing set feature wooden finish for mess-free handling for long hours and are manufactured from compressed charcoal.  Exceptional tools such as this charcoal pencils set allow illustrators, designers, and artists to create masterpieces on sketchbooks, paper, sketch pads, and all other medium. Whether you’re a pro artist or just a beginner, these charcoal artist set let you sketch with ease. Create bold, beautiful strokes and clear lines by using these pencils on canvas or chart paper at multiple angles; perfect for shading, blending, and filling charcoal color without getting the tip broken. The White Charcoal Pencil is ideal for creating highlights while the hard pencil gives a fine black shade. Gift this set to your artist friends as a Christmas or Birthday gift and enjoy creative expression!  (1186 characters)

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$7.00 | $10.00

Why Should You Be Using a Charcoal Pencil?

Many artists use charcoal because of its unique dark black strokes. The weak structure of charcoal causes the material to flake off onto the canvas. Charcoal Pencil is suitable for drawing, sketching, or smudging, a charcoal pencil offers a familiar feel while providing you with a lot of control over your marks. Even in this more structured form, it can be manipulated to create an array of rich and dark tones, as well as thin lines and bold ones.

Features: Our Charcoal pencils consist of compressed charcoal enclosed in a jacket of top quality base wood which will make your drawing more perfect by keeping all those lovable charcoal effects that you want in your drawings.

Two tinted charcoal pencils add natural color and highlights to incorporate variety of colours in your Sketches.

How to Sharpen Charcoal Pencil?

Basewood Charcoal Pencils can be sharpened by using a pencil sharpener, but it is recommended to use a razor blade or knife, it allows you to control how much you want to shave off and allows you to choose the shape and the sharpness of the point. Also, sandpaper can also be used to sharpen the charcoal pencils which works really, really well and the result is perfect.

Offer ends in

$7.00 | $10.00


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